ARK9 Services & Supplies LLC

Providing consulting services for canine detection service companies and home canine inquiries on obedience training.  In the very near future, equipment will start to role out and be advertised on the website and local stores.



My Background

I started working with dogs professionally when I was 20 and in the military.  When I was younger I was always around them and training them to find quail and other animal for hunting purposes.  Today, I have over 13 years of experience not only in common house hold pet training but also program management of canine contracts both foreign and domestic, training military working dogs and civilian working dogs for multiple government agencies and procurement of canines for customer needs.  I have experience in both floppy ear dogs and pointy ears, food reward and toy reward dogs along with other major task to include patrol work and canine explosive/narcotic detection.


I will provide my best services to any client I do business with.  My promise is to pull any training capability and learning abilities from your pet as possible to make them a trainable canine.  Canines are like people they have their days when they want to learn or work.  Also, not every dog is cut out for the job, results depend on your canines willingness to learn and willing to want to be rewarded for their behavior.